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Stemware & Glassware Stemware has a bowl that rests on a stem, anchored by a foot. The purpose of this design is to serve cool beverages, such as water, iced tea, and wine. The stem provides a way to hold cool drinks without warming the contents of the bowl. (The exception is the brandy snifter, which is cradled in the hand to warm the brandy and enhance its flavor.)

The bowls of contemporary stemware come in three main shapes. Bucket-Shaped Bowl. The bucket-shaped bowl is similar to a bucket, with a horizontal base and almost vertical sides.
Tulip-Shaped Bowl. The tulip-shaped bowl resembles a tulip, with a rounded base and sides that curve inward.
Flared Bowl. The flared bowl is shaped like a trumpet or a funnel, a long, narrow form made with a pointed or slightly rounded bowl that either flares outward at the top or remains straight.

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