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Herend Ascendance of the Herend brand began under the direction of Moric Fischer in the mid-1800s. The Herend Manufactory initially established its reputation by producing pieces to complement old, valuable porcelain patterns of Sevres, Meissen and Chinese tableware. Fischer soon began to introduce original designs. In 1851, Queen Victoria's purchase of a large set of Herend dinnerware for Windsor Castle became a milestone in the company's development---and introduced the popular and colorfully intricate pattern that is now known as "Queen Victoria". For Customer Service call 800-323-1972 or 877-438-2536.

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Art Deco Blue

Art Deco Gray

Art Deco Green

Asian Garden


Blue Garden

Blue Garland


Charger Plates

Chinese Bouquet Black Sapphire

Chinese Bouquet Blue

Chinese Bouquet Garland Black

Chinese Bouquet Garland Black Sapphire

Chinese Bouquet Garland Blue

Chinese Bouquet Garland Green

Chinese Bouquet Garland Raspberry

Chinese Bouquet Garland Rust

Chinese Bouquet Green

Chinese Bouquet Multicolor

Chinese Bouquet Raspberry

Chinese Bouquet Rust

Chinese Bouquet Turquoise and Platinum

Connect The Dots

Fish Scale

Fortuna Blue

Golden Edge

Golden Elegance

Golden Laurel



Princess Victoria Black

Princess Victoria Blue

Princess Victoria Gray

Princess Victoria Green

Princess Victoria Light Blue


Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria Blue

Queen Victoria Pink

Rothschild Bird

Rothschild Bird Blue Border

Rothschild Bird Green Border

Rothschild Garden

Royal Garden

Silk Ribbon


Winter Shimmer
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