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Simon Pearce Giftware Simon Pearce giftware is some of the finest hand blown glass available

Located in Vermont the production facility still produces each piece individually. A team of two glassblowers works on one piece at a time. From start to hand finish the team is dedicated to one single piece. The result is a uniquely created piece of giftware that has individual characteristics from the artists producing it.

The process of hand blowing glass is quite laborious and takes years of practice. The artists that work for Simon Pearce have 3-5 years of apprenticeship under a master before they work on their own.

The materials used in the glass are completely lead-free. Each work of art begins it is life as a mixture of silica, lime, pot ash and barium in pellet form then is melted in a 2400 degree oven before a glassblower gathers the molten glass to begin the process.

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