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Pillivuyt French Porcelain

Order $99 Of Pillivuyt China and You Will Receive Free Shipping! In the year 1853, Pillivuyt relocated the factory a few miles to the small town of Mehun-sur-Yèvre, where it continues to operate. Today, Pillivuyt continues in its role as a leading international porcelain producer. Production is a complex process. Key raw materials, such as Kaolin, Feldspar, and Syenite, are sourced from all over Europe and mixed at the factory to create the unique clay used in the creation of each piece. Production includes hand craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations of local families. This, complemented by state of the art production methods and firing each piece at 2500F, result in porcelain perfection. Pillivuyt always has worked closely with the leading chefs from the world of French gastronomy. The design teams have used this source of inspirational ideas to create hundreds of unique pieces. Pillivuyt culinary porcelain dinnerware and bakeware are recognized worldwide for: Its incredible strength. Discerning chefs and restaurateurs favor Pillivuyt for its longevity and resistance to chipping. Classic and timeless designs inspired by generations of French gastronomes. Heat resistance. All pieces can be transferred from the freezer to the oven and from the oven to table while easily resisting the thermal shocks that shatter or crack other products. Microwave friendly. The nonporous nature of porcelain allows microwaves to focus energy on the food rather than the porcelain. Easy to clean and a safe surface for eating. The nonporous characteristic of porcelain prevents food absorption. Free from lead and cadmium.

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